Johnny P. Papantonakis – Criminal Justice


Johnny P. Papantonakis is a native Texan.  He was born in Houston, but has also lived in Miami, and Greece.  He is fluent in English, Spanish, and Greek.  He graduated law school in June of 2000.  Upon graduation, he went to work with Alan S. Percely, a well respected criminal trial lawyer.  He immediately was able to work on and try a wide array of both State and Federal cases ranging from DWIs, murders, to drug conspiracies, and money laundering.  He was also the attorney that the Colombian Consulate would refer criminal matters to during the early years of his practice. He is very passionate and caring about his work and his clients.  His clients often praise him for his hard work and great results, as well as keeping them informed every step of the way and being so easy to communicate with.